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Is your HVAC unit Energy Efficient?


It is essential to have an energy-efficient HVAC system since it will reduce your energy costs, be eco-friendly, last longer, and enhance the comfort of your house. But how can you tell if your HVAC system is actually energy efficient?

1. Methods for determining how energy-efficient your HVAC system is:

  • Look up the SEER rating

Your air conditioner’s energy efficiency is determined by its Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER ) rating. It is determined by dividing the cooling output of your air conditioner over a typical cooling season by the energy it consumes in Watt-Hours.

The SEER rating is listed in the user guide or on the AC. SEER ratings for contemporary air conditioners generally range from 13 to 22. The system is more productive with a higher rating.

  • Keep an eye out for inconsistency

You may also determine the energy efficiency of your HVAC system by making an accurate prediction based on your personal experience. Your HVAC system’s likelihood of being energy efficiency decreases with time.

Moreover, there’s a significant probability that your HVAC system is not as energy-efficient as it could be if you regularly need to have your system fixed, notice increased humidity in your house, or experience hot or cold patches.

  • Examine the AFUE Rating

For a furnace to receive an Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency Rating (AFUE), it must burn a certain amount of fossil fuel each year. An AFUE of 90% means the fuel is used to heat your home.

The remaining 10% is consumed during the heating process. The required minimum efficiency for new furnaces is 78%. An AFUE rating of 90% or more is considered energy-efficient and will ultimately save you money.

2. Ideas to boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • Repair an old system

It is a fantastic method for large, energy-intensive systems that have seen routine maintenance throughout their existence. You may update the compressor in the AC unit and add condenser fan controls to take advantage of the cold air outdoors. You can get assistance by calling an AC repair in Sunland.

  • Enhance your home’s insulation

If you want an HVAC system for your house that should be energy-efficient, you must make sure your property is well-insulated. It will be easier for the unit to heat and cool your home while using less energy overall if you effectively insulate it. You may get repair and insulation by contacting an AC expert for air conditioner repair in La Canada Flintridge.

  • Conduct routine maintenance

Although it may appear evident, many people overlook the importance of frequent system maintenance. To ensure that everything is in working condition, get your system serviced at the beginning and end of each season.


Be sure to service your air conditioner before the summer heat arrives. Likewise, make sure your heater is maintained before it becomes the winter months. Your energy-efficient HVAC systems will last longer, and your power expenses will remain in control.

For expert repairs, contact Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating. We offer sales, installation, repair, and maintenance for all brands and models.

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