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Furnace Noise That You Shouldn’t Ignore


Eight Furnace Sounds You Shouldn't Ignore

The unusual sound coming from your furnace is a concerning issue, which, if left ignored, can result in a massive breakdown of your system.

Each sound made by your furnace carries a specific meaning which helps the professionals to identify the problems quickly and provide quick solutions. Continue reading to learn about the seven furnace sounds you should keep an ear out for:


A rumbling sound may indicate a leak in your heat exchanger, which, if broken, can release carbon monoxide into your home. Therefore, call a professional quickly if you hear your furnace rumbling.


Whining noise is a concerning issue which indicates a loose motor mount. Call a professional for heater repair in La Cañada Flintridge, CA, immediately to prevent your motor from sliding within the furnace and causing further damage.


If your furnace is producing a screeching sound, the reason behind this can be a malfunctioning motor. It is a serious problem that needs professional help immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to an entire system breakdown, and you may need a furnace replacement.


A clunking sound means you have a broken or cracked belt. If you hear this sound, you must call a professional to replace the broken belt, and the sound will disappear.


When a metal swipes against a metal, a scraping sound is created, and there is only one component in your furnace capable of producing such noise, the blower wheel. If the blower wheel gets loose or broken, it will start hitting the side of the system, producing a scraping sound.


If the parts in the transformer of your furnace are loosened, you will notice a buzzing sound. If you encounter this noise, call a professional for heater repair in La Cañada Flintridge, CA, and get your system back to normal again.


Your furnace will make whistling noises if there is any problem with its gas valve. So if your furnace is also making whistling sounds, you will need to fit the new gas valves, and it would be better to leave that kind of work to a trained professional.


Loud booming sounds indicate the expansion and contraction of your air ducts, likely resulting from a severe temperature drop. The booming sound also indicates that the burners in your furnace have become too dirty or have an ignition problem.


Any unusual sound from an HVAC unit can be considered a problem. Different sounds indicate problems in different components of the unit. Hiring a professional to check the system is the best decision in this scenario.

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