Furnace Repair in Glendale, CA

Furnace Repair in Glendale, CA

The afternoon warmth is now wearing off, and lattes are replacing the lemonades. The leaves have already changed colors, and the coats are out. The winters have already begun to signal their advent. You must be all set for the change in clothes, vegetables, fruits, and HVAC appliances.

We hardly have any takes on the formerly listed changes, but we do have a strong take on the latter. As a renowned company in HVAC services, we only have suggestions for that. And here we go, writing them down!

Furnace and Glendale Winters

Glendale, California, is a city of the blazing sun. Glendale locals remain high on summer vibes, but they really lie low during winters. In a city with high winter sensitivity, a winter weapon like a furnace is incredibly important. Now that you know what furnaces mean to you, let us delve into a world where they don’t function.

The world is scary, freezing with winter breezes, and it is impossible to live in it. The winters could be dreadful without furnaces, so we decided to outline some warning signs that your furnace may be signaling.

However, those signals could be nominal and hence, out of your notice, but we decided to list them here for your convenience. Here is the list:

Fading/ Discoloring Carbon Monoxide Detector Light

Every furnace comes equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. This detector is embedded to detect the presence of accumulated carbon monoxide inside your furnace. Carbon monoxide is an extremely lethal gas, and its circulation around your home could put you and your family members in great jeopardy.

So, if you ever observe your carbon monoxide detector light fading out or discoloring, wait no more, quickly call us to prevent any further damage.

Persisting Foreign Sounds

We agree that furnaces make sounds, and no furnace remains utterly quiet. However, if you ever hear your furnace thumping or producing sounds that are entirely foreign to your auditory senses, it’s a bad sign.

A thumping sound either represents internal sparking or loosely bound internal components. Both of these could lead to fire and cause irreparable life and property damage.

Inadequate Work Quality

A furnace is basically designed to emit out heat. If somehow it fails to do that, you should know that your furnace is on the threshold of severe damage.

If you witness lowered levels of heat or simply no heat, we suggest:

  • Turn off your furnace. Turning off is the foremost step, as a furnace with no heat would simply add to your energy bills.
  • After this, you should look for thermostat settings and circuit controls.
  • If you find no problems there, call us, and we will shortly send out a professional to your place to address your issues.

If you notice any of the above signs, call us at (818) 471-4003. Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Inc offers the best service for furnace repair in Glendale.

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