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When Should You Make a Call for Furnace Repair?


It is integral to have a furnace that functions at optimal capacity to keep your house cozy during harsh winter months. Who wouldn’t dread making an emergency call for furnace repair on the coldest day of the year? Winters put excessive strain on your heating unit, especially if it is 15-20 years old. If you miss the annual maintenance service, there are more chances that you need a heating repair in Sunland, CA.

However, do remember that only experts should inspect this machinery. The trained HVAC technicians can handle HVAC units safely and delicately.

So if you have been noticing an unusual change in your heating unit lately, be it inefficient cooling or no cooling at all, do not ignore it. Get in touch with your local HVAC contractor to get it fixed.

Here a few warning signs that should not miss:

Your Furnace is Blowing Irregular Warm Air

For your house to be warm, the furnace needs to maintain a stable and continuous warm airflow. It should not have a problem in reaching the thermostat temperature. However, if the blower is shutting on and off frequently or if it is continuously running, you need to call an HVAC technician to fix the issue.

If the furnace blower is not generating enough heat, that’s also a problem. Generally, the issue occurs due to dirty air filters and overheating of the furnace. 

Your Furnace is Making Weird Noises

There are several kinds of noises that a furnace makes, indicating a different problem. However, making noise is a common sign of a furnace issue. The noise can either be a result of a loose internal component or a warning that your system is on the verge of collapse. Only an expert will be able to figure out the exact problem.

A scrapping noise is an indicator of the faulty blower wheel. Similarly, a screeching sound may signal a problem with the motor bearing. Homeowners should never ignore loud banging and popping noises because they highlight a problem with the combustion process – it is a sign of excessive gas in the chamber. If your system is beyond repair and needs replacement, trust us because we provide reliable and hassle-free heater installation in La Cañada Flintridge.

Strange Smell from Furnace

Furnaces are completely capable of producing a strong odor when there is a mechanical glitch in the machinery. Most of these smells are harmless. But several of them can point towards an ongoing safety hazard that requires immediate intervention by a heating contractor.

If it is a metallic odor, it indicates an electrical short, which leads to melted wiring. If you smell rotten egg odor, it points towards a gas leak as a furnace uses gases like natural gas and propane – both of them are hard to detect because they are colorless.

Is your furnace showing any of the warning signs mentioned above? It is wiser to let a certified HVAC technician and diagnose the problem. Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Inc offers the best furnace repair in Glendale, CA. 

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