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Common AC Unit Cooling Problems: 5 Troubleshooting Tips


During the hot summer months, the last thing you want is for your AC to malfunction. Fortunately, many AC issues are common, such as inadequate cooling, poor air quality, unusual noises, and unpleasant odors, and can often be easily resolved.

If you try these five easy troubleshooting tips, you can fix the most common AC failures without having to obtain professional air conditioner repair in La Cañada Flintridge.

Fix Your Central AC With Five Troubleshooting Tips

AC repair service in Sunland, is unnecessary for every AC problem. Some common AC issues can be fixed without training and experience. Here are five troubleshooting tips for your central AC unit:

  • Get rid of dirt and debris

AC noises, liquid leaks, and indoor air quality issues result from excessive dirt and debris. If you clean the AC unit using a vacuum and microfiber cloth, you can fix these AC problems.

You should also replace the air filter when it gets dirty. The dirty drain lines need a flush of chlorine bleach with water to prevent blocked drainage.

  • Intact electrical connections

The electric components like the compressor, motor, fan blower, and AC wiring should be intact. Otherwise, these parts can be responsible for common AC failures. You should clean the fan blades carefully to prevent damage.

If your AC turns off frequently, the compressor probably needs a replacement, and for this, you will have to schedule an AC repair in Sunland. You should also check the circuit breaker box to confirm that the breaker is not tripped.

Check the power switches on indoor and outdoor units, and ensure these switches are ON. Inspect wiring connections and contact an electrician for a repair if you find a broken, loose, or burnt wire.

  • Make changes to the thermostat

Some simple changes in thermostat settings can help eliminate fluctuating temperatures, improper cooling, constantly running fans, etc. You should check the thermostat when the AC unit blows warm air.

The temperature on the thermostat should be set according to the climate. The thermostat must be set to “cooling mode” with “auto mode” for the fan. If your thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly, replace its battery and recalibrate it.

  • Troubleshoot outdoor clogging

Outdoor AC unit clogging can also cause common AC problems. You can prevent it by trimming the vegetation around the unit. In addition, you should use a water hose and coil cleaning spray to clean the condenser coil.

  • Ensure there’s enough coolant

Occasionally, after examining your HVAC system, you may not detect any cracks, holes, loose components, or other issues, yet your air conditioning unit may not be cooling effectively. This is likely caused by insufficient cooling, and to resolve the issue, you should arrange for a refrigerant recharge service to be performed on your AC unit.

Air Conditioning Repair in Glendale, CA

Although the most prevalent issues with air conditioning units result from overlooked maintenance and minor oversights, if your AC continues to operate abnormally even after addressing cooling errors, call our team at Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc for AC repair service. We provide HVAC maintenance and repair and specialize in indoor air quality services.

Contact us today to hire one of our highly qualified technicians.

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