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5 Ways to Repair Your Air Conditioner


Repairing an air conditioner can be costly. However, at times, there are certain issues that you can try to fix on your own. For example, when your air conditioner stops working, there is usually a simple reason for this. 

Before contacting AC tune up in La Cañada Flintridge, let’s look at some simple DIY techniques by which you can repair your AC without professional help!

  • Check breaker

The breaker may have been tripped if the air conditioner is not turning on at all. In addition, when the power fluctuates frequently, the breaker may cut off the supply to the unit to protect it from damage.

Check the breaker before calling a professional for AC repair in Sunland since it’s a simple repair that requires turning the breaker on.

  • Check AC thermostat

Few people unknowingly set their thermostats so that the compressor does not turn on, resulting in no cool air. New batteries may be needed if the device is battery-powered. Check to see whether the thermostat is set to a lower temperature than the room. 

Also, double-check your air conditioner’s settings; you may have configured it to blow the fan. The remote may be used to alter the settings.

  • Replace AC filter

The AC filter must be changed and cleaned since it is the single component built to filter the air entering your home before it reaches the interiors.

As a result, you must conduct yearly maintenance on your device and clean the filter as needed. Contact Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to schedule air conditioner maintenance.

  • Clear the ice

Your air conditioner will not emit cold air if it has ice buildup. If your air conditioner is iced up, it will almost certainly leak from the inside. Water droplets will be seen leaking from the inside unit.

The good news is that it is simple to melt the ice. To rapidly melt the ice, switch the system off and start the fan. If this isn’t possible for any reason, turn the device off and let the ice melt naturally.

  • Clean it well

The AC unit will get dirty over time since it needs to deal with air while using it. Therefore, it is not only necessary to clean the inside unit of your air conditioner, but it is also necessary to clean the outer unit.

When cleaning the outer unit, make sure the fan blades are properly cleaned so that any dirt gathered inside or around the unit is cleared. Cleaning the condenser fins is also a solution. Cleaning the blades and fins, on the other hand, requires additional caution since they are prone to bending and breaking.

These simple DIY techniques can help you save money on expensive AC repairs. However, while doing these simple DIY’s take extra care to avoid breaking anything valuable. If the issue persists, it is recommended to get assistance for AC repair in La Cañada Flintridge, CA.

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