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5 Reasons you Require Furnace Repair


Furnaces are used as a heating system that helps in heating an area where the temperature is low. There are different types of furnaces; the most common ones include gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and electric furnaces.

Winters without a furnace in the house is tough to imagine, especially at places where the temperature is very low. And the most shocking part is when your furnace signals you for a repair. Learn the below mentioned reasons to avoid a heating repair service in Sunland, CA.

5 reasons that help you know that your furnace requires a repair:

  • A bad smell

When you turned on your furnace you detected a slight smell like something’s burning up there. Over the offseason, the filters of the furnace may get clogged due to dust particles.

The furnace filters help in filtering the dust particles that are pulled in by the ducts. When you turn on the furnace a few months or weeks later the clogged dust in the filters may start burning to lead to a foul smell. 

But if the smell lasts for more than expected there would be a problem relating to electrical or motor failure and this is where you require an urgent repair for your furnace.

  • The reduced flow of heat 

Is your furnace working but not generating warm air or heat? The incorrectly placed furnace filter or the choked-up furnace filter may be the reason. The ventilation issue in the system can restrict the flow of warm air. 

A reason for not generating enough heat can be the issues in the limit switch. Here you need a quick check with your system. Contact Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for furnace ispection.

  • Noisy Furnace

A noisy furnace is more than frustrating. And when you observe such a noise that means there is something wrong with your furnace. But what?

If the nuts or the screws inside the furnace are detached or loose then there might be a grinding noise that might be disturbing as it may shake the system. Other than that, there might be an issue in the motor bearing or inducer bearing which requires fixing.

  • Shuts down automatically

You might face a situation where you find out that the furnace shuts off automatically. The reason is the limit switch. The limit switch detects the overheating of a furnace and shuts down the entire system.

Overheating of a furnace may have several reasons that require a thorough check. And must be repaired as soon as possible.

  • The system usage

Usually, the furnace requires service once a year that helps in the proper maintenance of the system. But depending on the usage you might need a repair even before a year. 

A constant check on your furnace will keep it stable for a prolonged duration. If you observe any of the above symptoms in your furnace you must undergo a repair from professionals. We at Alpha Air Conditioning offer the best furnace repairs in Glendale. Any issues regarding your furnace contact us and we will be there right away to help you out.

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