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Heat Pump Vs. Furnace: Which Should I Install?


As a homeowner you understand how important it is to regulate the temperature in your house, especially when it comes to keeping it warm in the winter. The decision of whether to purchase a heat pump repair in La Cañada Flintridge is one that homeowners must make. Each heating method is superior in specific circumstances and has some significant advantages.

While furnaces and heat pumps warm the air inside a building, their heating capacities, energy efficiency, upkeep needs, spatial requirements, and cost are different. The old heat pump versus the furnace argument is so interesting.

Furnace Vs. Heat pump:

Heat pump repair experts in La Cañada Flintridge advise comparing many criteria, such as how they operate, efficiency, maintenance needs, and size or space requirements while deciding between a gas furnace and a heat pump.

  • Cost

When comparing a heat pump versus a furnace, one of the first questions homeowners are likely to ask is which is more expensive. Your costs will initially depend on the capabilities of your home. Homes with immediate access to natural gas might discover that a furnace is less expensive.

On the other hand, a house without access to natural gas will probably have to pay extra for the furnace installation. However, a heat pump is typically more inexpensive if all other factors are equal.

  • Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will increase heat pumps’ and furnaces’ lifespan and efficiency. Both systems have air filters that the majority of homeowners can quickly change. It is advised to clean and inspect the indoor and outdoor units of typical residential heat pump systems once a year.

Although a furnace needs less maintenance as compared to a heat pump. A heater repair in La Cañada Flintridge, CA, can suggest the best maintenance schedule based on your particular system.

  • Consumption of Energy

The energy efficiency of a heat pump is one of its biggest advantages. Furnaces produce heat, whereas heat pumps transfer it. Heat pumps consequently consume a lot less energy to run.

Keep in mind that heat pumps must work harder than furnaces to keep your home warm in cold weather. A furnace could be more energy-efficient if you reside in a chilly climate.

  • Performance

Depending on where you reside, a heat pump’s performance advantage over a furnace varies greatly. Keep in mind that heat pumps only move heat from the outside, but furnaces also produce heat. A heat pump is most likely to function better in mild temperatures.

The fact that a heat pump can draw heat from the outside, even in below-freezing temperatures, does not imply that it will not function in colder regions. Yet the heat pump has a harder time transferring heat as the temperature drops. In the meantime, a furnace will keep producing heat even in frigid climes.

To Summarize

Although both a heat pump and a furnace have benefits, the best heating solution for you will depend on your circumstances; for instance, in a temperate region, a heat pump would be a preferable choice.

A furnace is unquestionably your best option if you live where it gets quite chilly during the winter. A furnace normally consumes less energy than a heat pump in mild climates, though heat pumps struggle in really cold climates. Therefore, a furnace that generates its heat will perform better.

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