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7 Amazing Ways to Warm Your Home This Fall


Winter is approaching, and you’re probably thinking about how to keep your house warm while staying within your budget. Homeowners are advised to replace ineffective heating systems with newer models. By doing this, you put less strain on an older unit that would otherwise need to expend more energy to operate, increasing your utility bills.

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Before you contact our professional services, use these seven tips to return home to a warm house.

Tips to Keep Your Home Warm in The Fall

As we switch from the air conditioner to the furnace, we are concerned that our gas bill will skyrocket. Here are seven suggestions for keeping your home well insulated without draining your bank account every month:

  • Update your insulation – A significant amount of your home’s heat is lost to the roof. Install attic insulation to compensate for this heat loss. While at it, ensure your walls are properly insulated and that any displacements in the foundation or window frames are sealed. Though installing insulation is not cheap, it will save you money in the long run.
  • Let the sunlight in during the day – Sunlight is a free and natural heat source. You can use it well by capturing as many sun’s rays as possible during the day. To accomplish this, open all of your curtains in the morning to allow sunlight in.

You only need to open the blinds that can prevent sunlight from entering your home and close those that do not. Close all the curtains after the sun goes down to prevent heat from entering through the windows or doors.

If you live in a cold climate, consider investing in insulated curtains to help keep your home warm during the winter.

  • Prevent heat loss from the chimney – Make good use of your fireplace in the winter. There’s a chance you’re wasting a significant amount of energy from your fireplace through the chimney. This can be expensive as much firewood would be wasted while you struggle to keep your house warm.
  • Consider using a chimney balloon to prevent heat loss by blocking the opening of a chimney and preventing chimney draughts. It is made of a long-lasting, reactive laminate and is extremely inexpensive.
  • Move furniture away from vents – Examine your furniture to see if any was placed near the heating vents. If this is the case, move the furniture aside from the vent for the winter. During the summer, you can return them to their previous position. Some rooms will not receive their full heat potential if some heaters’ vents are blocked. If you think you need professional assistance, contact us for heat pump replacement in La Canada, Flintridge.
  • Use duct booster fans – If you have forced-air heat, you can use duct booster fans to boost the flow of warm (or cool) air via your ducts into a problem room. In-line duct booster fans are designed to fit inside standard-size metal ducts. Install a pressure regulator (some models have one built in) near the outlet end of a duct to sense air pressure from the furnace and turn on the booster fan every time the furnace or AC blower turns on.
  • Reset your water heater – If you’ve never operated out of hot water, your water heater is probably set too high! Turn your thermostat to between 110 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit before winter arrives to avoid scalding your hands each time you wash your hands.
  • Lower the thermostat – Your fuel expense is reduced for every degree you lower the thermostat on your heating system. Although it won’t make much difference in comfort, dropping the temperature from 72 to 68 can help you save up to 12 percent on your heating costs.


The professional HVAC technicians at Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Services provide all your needs for servicing, installation, or heater repair in La Canada, Flintridge. You can call us at (818) 214-7928 for more information.

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