Patricia K.

Patricia K.

In March, it was time to have my heater and A/C units serviced by the company that has been looking after it since they installed it 12 years ago. This time I was told that my furnace needed to be replaced because it had a cracked heat exchanger. This unit was only 12 years old and it seemed that I should have had another 7 or 8 years of use before I had to replace it. Their quote was triple what my dad paid 12 years ago. I realize that everything is more expensive from 12 years ago but that seemed way out of the line so I started calling other companies to confirm that it was in fact cracked. The first 4 companies that came never took the cover off to confirm that the heat exchanger was cracked. Try as I might to tell them that they need to take this cover off to look at the exchanger, no one did. I had a variety of comments from “it’s fine you should have another 8 years service from this” to price quotes ranging from $3,000 to $16,000.

When I asked Vachik Selemi to come look at my unit he was the only technician that took the time to take the cover off the exchanger section, turn on the heat so it would expand and show the cracks if it was in fact cracked. Sadly, there were cracks. Vachik performed a thorough inspection and explained that since the newer units are more efficient and quieter it is best to change out of both the heather and A/C especially with the newer technology they “talk” to each other.

I did not hesitate to have Vachik do the replacement for me. He was the only honest technician that came to talk to me and his price was so reasonable. I am so grateful that he did the work for me. In doing repairs or replacements in an older home there are always surprises but Vachik never hesitated to “right the wrongs” when he uncovered a problem. It seemed to me that there were many repairs and corrections needed but everything Vachik did was first class.

I have never felt so confident that this installation was being done properly because Vachik Selemi takes care to do it right the first time

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