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EPA And NATE Certified Company in Sunland, Glendale, La Canada Flintridge, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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Heating and cooling systems are standard features in both residential and commercial properties. These systems are intended to maintain a comfortable interior environment regardless of the season or outdoor temperature.

One should always contact EPA and NATE-certified companies for HVAC services. These certifications can increase work prospects, provide a wage boost, and enhancements in consumer and client health, safety, and comfort.

A timely HVAC servicing and repair are essential to surviving the scorching summers and harsh winters. Whether you think there could be a problem with your HVAC system or want to ensure it’s in top condition, qualified HVAC technicians can inspect it, identify any problems, and make any necessary repairs. Contact us today!

Benefits Of Working With EPA And NATE-Certified Companies

  • The necessary skills and knowledge: The technicians with these certifications have a wealth of knowledge regarding the science underlying the fundamental principles of HVAC systems. In addition, they have proficiency in comprehending the systems utilized to control temperature and humidity and analyze air quality.
  • Keep in mind the safety procedures: 18% of the EPA and NATE-certified company exam’s weight is allocated to safety considerations. Technicians know relevant government legislation and safe work practices, including machinery, electricity, torch work, and container handling, to pass the certification exam and meet certification standards.
  • Essential specialized expertise: Technicians are familiar with math, physics, and chemistry fundamentals, electrons in electricity, electrical basic terms, magnetism, AC and DC circuits, basic circuit analysis, electricity generation, and distribution, solid-state electronics, and power. You can be comfortable knowing that the work is being performed by someone trained and tested in multiple areas, including safety.
  • Experienced professionals: Various levels of HVAC training, from fundamental to advanced, may be earned through NATE programs and other certification bodies. After working for several months or years for an HVAC company, technicians are qualified to take exams leading to higher-level certifications. With extra training, technicians can provide a larger array of services and earn a higher wage.

Advantages Of Hiring Experts For HVAC Service

By giving your AC system the proper care, expert AC servicing will help you save money and improve your AC system’s functionality:

  • Energy savings
    Although HVAC maintenance may seem straightforward, even a small mistake made during installation or system repair can result in several problems. The air conditioner or furnace will use more energy as the unit ages, resulting in higher expenses. The smart move is to call an EPA and NATE-certified company for HVAC service to prevent leaks or energy loss.
  • Expert care
    An HVAC system is complicated equipment; fixing a malfunction in one takes a lot of skill and understanding. Professionals are equipped to address any avoidable issues with air conditioners.
  • Secure services
    The many components of an air conditioner or a furnace can harm you if they are not handled carefully. Professionals are skilled at handling dangerous machinery and know the safety measures to be implemented when repairing or installing an HVAC.
  • The appropriate toolkit
    Different tools and equipment are needed to install and maintain the HVAC system. It is advisable to employ skilled specialists to execute the installation service as they bring the correct tools and equipment rather than purchasing all the tools you will never use again. They are more adept at using all the tools.

We are knowledgeable about all the popular HVAC brands and models. We offer HVAC repair services and guarantee that your system won’t experience any more sudden breakdowns. Call Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, an EPA, and NATE-certified company, to avail of excellent HVAC services.


The EPA and NATE-certified companies, such as Alpha Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, employ only certified technicians with enough experience. Contact us, and you will access various benefits of safe and best HVAC services.

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